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Staff Newsletter for 2017-2018, Episode 8


As I looked back at my newsletter from around this time last year, I was reminded of a simple question I wish I had the opportunity to ask all of you more often... How are you doing? I know this time of year is very busy both professionally and personally. I pray this long weekend provided you with the opportunity to catch your breath and reset your focus on what is ahead. Your dedication for your work, for the families we serve, and for each other continues to amaze me. I know we will finish the year as strong as we began. I can't wait to look back and see how far we have all come - with our professional and our personal goals. You all have much to be proud of!

We look forward to making wonderful end of year memories with all of you and our students! As always, we feel so blessed to serve with all of you!

Love you,

Melissa and Ashley

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East Elementary Teacher of the Year - Alaina Hamilton

We are so blessed to have Mrs. Hamilton as a teacher on our staff! Her dedication to our staff and students is noticed and appreciated. We love you Mrs. Hamilton!
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Looking Ahead: April and May Events

Here is a preview of April and early May events:

  • April 4th - College Day
  • April 5th - Kindergarten and 1st Grade Track Day and Kona Ice
  • April 6th - 2nd and 3rd Grade Track Day and Kona Ice
  • April 9th - All STAAR Groups begin for 3rd Grade ***More Info Coming Soon!
  • April 10th - PTA Meeting
  • April 11th - Vision/Hearing Screening Makeups
  • April 13th - DEAL Time Community Service Project
  • April 13th - 3rd Grade STAAR Parent Meeting and Lock-In
  • April 17th - Kindergarten Graduation Pictures
  • April 20th - Third Grade Field Trip
  • April 25th - RtI Meetings
  • April 25th - Messy May and STAAR Training - After School @ 3:45 p.m.
  • April 26th - First Grade Program
  • April 27th - School Holiday
  • May 3rd - College Day
  • May 3rd/4th - DRA - 2nd Grade
  • May 7th/10th - DRA - 1st Grade
  • May 11th/17th - DRA - Kindergarten
  • May 14th - 17th - Campus Closed to Outside Visitors for STAAR Testing
  • May 14th - Math STAAR Testing for 3rd Grade
  • May 15th - Reading STAAR Testing for 3rd Grade
  • May 16th and 17th - STAAR Testing Make Up Days
  • May 18th - Color Run
  • May 21st - Math CBA (K-2)
  • May 22nd - Reading CBA (K-2)
  • May 21st/22nd - DRA - 3rd Grade
  • May 22nd - Kindergarten Orientation at 6:00 p.m. for Incoming Kinder Students
  • May 23rd/24th - Wax Museum
  • May 25th - CBA Data Due
  • May 25th - Kindergarten Program and Graduation
  • May 28th - Memorial Day Holiday
  • May 29th - Careers on Wheels
  • May 29th - Retirement Reception at Training Center
  • May 30th - DRA/ISIP Data Due
  • May 30th - AR Reward
  • May 31st - Class Parties and Awards
  • May 31st - Last Day of School and Early Release

***Please see campus calendar for additional information and details.
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Have an AMAZING Week!