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May 8, 2015

Quote of the Week

“Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

~ Vince Lonbardi

The Good Stuff!

You are SO Appreciated!!

Thank you for being YOU!

For consistently going the extra mile to help out a student or family; for being a positive daily influence on our students; for igniting that passion! Most importantly, THANK YOU for your willingness to get involved and try something new! It is refreshing and motivating!

Thank you to the several staff, parents and many students that had a hand in the various tokens of appreciation this week:

- Staff Appreciation Letters - So MEANINGFUL and SINCERE!

- Selfies with Staff - NICE "modern" touch around the building!

- Staff Signs - How AWESOME did that look yesterday?

- Staff Appreciation Morning Welcome - We LOVE having visitors to the building!

- Staff Appreciation Treats at Lunch - So GRATEFUL for our parents!

- Staff Appreciation Grill Out - GREAT way to end the week!

I hope you felt the love during Staff Appreciation Week!!

Have a terrific weekend!!!


Faces in the Crowd

You may see a couple new faces at the Freshman Center.

Kyle Ward (pictured below left) is a student in the CI program at the 10-12 Building. He is volunteering to help Mary after lunch on Tuesday's and Thursday's for the remainder of the school year. Kyle is an awesome young man that works hard and likes to have fun. He is a pleasure to have in our building! Thank you for going out of your way to welcome Kyle to the FC and to thank him for his hard work! Major KUDOS to Mary for her willingness to work with him!!!

Maddie Tomasko (pictured below right) is one of the bravest individuals I have ever met! She has been battling cancer and her body's response to the cancer since she was in 4th grade. She has been in and out of school since then and, most recently, had to be out of school again beginning February 2014 for various treatments and procedures. We have been working with Maddie and her family this entire school year with online classes and home bound situations. She was FINALLY cleared to come back to school about a month ago. She is quick to flash her world class smile and unbelievable positive attitude anytime. Her main goal this school year was "to have homework, take tests and be a normal kid at school." You should have seen her smile when we got her some textbooks and assignments to make up. :-) It was priceless. If you see her walking around our hallways, stop and say "Hi!". You will be glad you did!!!!

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Education Resource Section

The Perfect Classroom - According to Science

Really neat article about the "science of the perfect classroom." There are a few of the variables that we do not have any control over (classroom size, temperature, etc). Take a look at the article and focus of the variables that we DO have control over and ask yourself, "How would I rate in these variables?" Click the button below to view the article.

Next Week Events

May 11 - RFC Hosts Board of Education Meeting - 7:30pm at Administration

May 13 - Department Head Meeting - 2:40pm - Place TBD

May 13 - RFC Talent Show - 5:30pm - RFC Cafeteria

May 14-16 - RHS Spring Play - The Curious Savage - 7:00pm @ 10-12 Building Auditorium

May 15 - Friday Breakfast - World Language Department

Upcoming Events

May 20 - River Valley Academy Graduation - 7:00pm @ RFC Cafeteria

May 22 - No School

May 25 - Memorial Day - No School

May 29 - Friday Breakfast - Electives

June 2 - RHS Graduation - 7:00pm @ Delta Plex

June 3 - Exam Review/5th Period Exam - Full Day

June 4 - 1st and 2nd Period Exams - Students dismissed at 11:00am

June 5 - 3rd & 4th Period Exams - Students dismissed at 11:00am

The Funnies - Opposites Challenge

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See the video below for assistance if you are one of the 79%...

Never Gonna Give You Up


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