By Ellie Gollner

Galloping Into Horses

Have you ever had an urge to learn more about horses? Well if you have you've come to the right place. Did you know horses are herd animals? Don't stop there are more riveting facts to learn!

DID YOU KNOW?? Horses names are traditions and superstitions?!?!?!

History Horses

Did you know horses used to have toes and used to be small especially compared to todays modern horses and lived in green wooded fresh forests? Then 7 to 25 million years ago forests became grasslands and horses legs and neck grew and their toes became hooves!

That was just a little fact about the history of horses, there are more facts to learn!

Another historical fact about horses is the Native americans, one thing that might really hit your soft spot was some native americans had a taste for innocent horses. Others liked using horses as transportation or to use in war and even to ride into hunting.

In the modern days people may buy a horse for $40,000 and sometimes more, people don't have as strong connections with horses anymore too. Some people only buy horses for their own sake and making money. We now don't have to use horses for transportation because cars were made, many things have happend in the history of horses.

Lovely horse colors

Another delightful section is about horse colors, 1 popular color is black, this color is a night black horse all over but can have white on its legs and sometimes face. My next color is cremello, cremello is a light colored horse with often blue eyes.

This next color is pinto which is a horse that is a multi colored and usually paint-like splotches of brown and white or black and white. More colors are roan which is a horse that has white hairs smoothly intermixed into the horses color and has a solid colored head.

My next color is chestnut which is a horse that has a light reddish color body to a dark chocolate color brown. This horse also has the same colored mane and tail that may be a shade or two lighter.

Buckskin is cream coat with black legs and a black mane and tail. Dun is a cream colored horse with black legs,mane,and tail plus a black stripe along the back.

The Appaloosa is a horse that has spots and mottled skin around eyes and lips. Bay is a horse that has a light reddish brown body to chocolate brown with a black mane and tail with black legs.

Brown is a brown horse that ranges from a light reddish brown to dark mud brown. Grey can range from white to grey with black skin.

Palomino is a golden, yellow or tan shade with flaxen or white mane and tail.

My last color is white, this color is very rare and is white all over with pink skin.

Did you know most white horses are actually grey this because when they were born they were a darker color?!

Horse Breeds

Did you know there are over 300 breeds of horses and one of the most popular is the Quarter horse?! The smallest breed of horse is Falabella which is not actually considered a lonely instead a miniature horse, this small creature is usually taller than about 8 hands or ?32 inches and weighs 70 pounds and the usual amount is about 955 pounds heavier than this breed of horse.

The tallest breed in the history of horses was the shire a tree tall horse weighing a boulder weight 3,300 pounds, and was 7 feet tall!

Now it's time to get speedy, now it's time to talk about race horse breeds. You probably know the most popular race horse the Thoroughbred, the others that you may not know as much about is the Quarter horse, the Standardbred, and the Arabian.

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Horses Fancy Features

Horses have many different features, if you go insane for horse features you will want to keep reading because you will learn a few breath taking facts about some horse features.

Did you know horses have 3 eyelids, and horses have the largest land animal eyes.

More facts are coming just keep reading those are just 2 facts you will learn more just keep reading!

TipTop Heights and Lifetime ages

Did you know the oldest living horse was 62 years old and was named "Old Billy" sadly though this is not the average horse age the average horse age is actually 25 to 30 years old. These are facts about ages, lets get to the heights.

Horses are measured in hands a hand is 4 inches or 10 centimeters. The height of a horse has to be over 14.2 inches tall, the pony has to be under 14.2 inches tall.

Out Of The Ring

Horses are beautiful creatures that gallop thru open fields and speed around tracks.

Happy and sad moments happened throughout the history of horses, sadly some end up in the glue factory, others might be a triple crown winner.

I hope reading this helped you learn about horses,

"Some horses will test you,

some will teach you

And some will bring out

the best in you."

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