A Christmas Carol

God bless us everyone.

About the Christmas Carol.

The Christmas Carol is about a man named Ebenezer Scrooge, that goes through his life seeing the past, the present, and the future because he always has a bad temper especially when it comes to Christmas. He was warned by his late partner Jacob Marley, that three ghost were coming. The ghosts names were The Ghost of Christmas Past, The Ghost of Christmas Present, and The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. While he is going through his life he faces some terrible moments. Through all of this he has to make a decision, to be merry or to be miserable.

Why it's a good book to read.

A Christmas Carol is a good book to read because it gives you a story that is filled with different emotions and things that could happen in real life. Also, when The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come shows him what will happen if he doesn't change his ways and it can connect to a person in real life and show them what can happen to them if they don't change. It teaches you to be merry, happy and joyful. So there are different morals to the story that gives everyone a chance to change their ways.

Some of the characters.

A Christmas Carol is a great Christmas book.

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