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13. Living my life in Tangerine Florida one day at a time. Soccer is my life. TMS. Follow, i follow back :))))
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Really wish dad would actually care about MY sports, not the "Erik Fisher football dream"

Erik and friends

Erik and his friend Arthur are the most disgusting people ever. Walk into the house with muddy shoes and dont even acknowledge me. Then they laugh at my friend for trying to save his brother from dying.


Dang, today was a very bad day. Hope everyones okay after that big sinkhole incident.


After hearing everything at the meeting. I have decided that im transfering to Tangerine Middle.


I have been told that i wont start. Thats okay because im new to Tangerine Middle School. I hope that i can make the best out of this situation and do anything to help my team win.


These Muck fires are crazy!!