Poems of life

By:Amyah Davis

Little old Amyah

Always messing with my brother

Money on my birthday

Yawing when getting tired

Always playing with fake food

Holding onto my mom’s hand when cross the street

Disneyland with the family

Apples with peanut butter for lunch

Vein popping out my neck when I scream

Icing on my birthday cake

Sleeping in church

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Life is like.....

Life is like heaven

Peaceful and joyful

No worries to have

opportunities ever you turn

Beach Time

1 Hot sand on my feet as we cross the beach

Trying to hurry so the burning sensation

Can leave

Thought stopping might help but I was wrong

2 Get everything out of our bags

Make sure you have something on the mate

It flies up getting sand in my face

Put something on it to make it easy

3I hurry to get into the water

I'm so excited to get in

But wait

What if I get washed away

Plato's Closet

I shopped for dress code

School appropriate clothes

At Plato's closet with my mom

and baby sisters that cried

louder than a bomb exploding

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Money Money

1 I was so hurt when the money left me

It slipped right through my hands

I had it for a second but known it's gone

Only if i had not it

2 That money bought me so many things

Things I still have till this day

We had good times together

I keep you for so long but it was time told you

3 I know that money is in a better place

That money is with a good person

Someone who keeps them safe

See you soon

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The waves coming while people get ready to jump them
People laughing while they play with their family

Salt from the ocean hitting my nostrils

Sweet fruit while the man walks by selling it

Water crashing on my skin while I try to run away from the wave


-messy tables
-loud kids
-fun projects
-Paint on your hands
-New projects
- visual and written journals every week

34/35 old

Always at games

Miami Beach with the family

Yummy cupcakes for dessert

Always having play dates

Holding my twins in my arms

Diving into the ocean

At the store for school supplies

Vikings on the television

Ice on their knee when they fall

Show day for a school play

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