Sea butterflies by DiAngel

Classification of Sea Butterflies

Animal Name- Clione Limacina

Classification- Gymonosomata

Domain- eukaryotic

kingdom- Anamalia

Phylum- Mollusca

Class- Gastropoda

Order- Thecosomata

Family- Clionoidea

Genus- Clione

Species- C. Limacina

The Habitat of Sea Butterflies

Sea butterflies live in the deep ocean. This sea creature is usually only found in the ocean.

Diet of a Sea Butterfly

When sea butterflies are hungry, they make webs of mucus. Later, tiny plankton gets caught in the sticky web and becomes dinner for the Sea Butterfly.

How does a Sea Butterfly reproduce?

Sea butterflies reproduce between both male and female mates. They later fertilize each other and lay eggs.

How does a Sea Butterfly move?

Sea Butterflies float and swim through the ocean. Sea Butterflies are also carried through currents.

What Eats Sea Butterflies?

As crazy as this may sound, Assassin snails eat sea butterflies and nothing else. They are harmless to any other animals. ( Sea Butterflies are related to snails.)
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Are Sea Butterflies Invertabrates or Vertabrates?

Sea butterflies are invertebrates and do not have backbones.

Are Sea Butterflies cold-blooded or warm blooded?

As well as many other animals in the sea, Sea Butterflies are cold-blooded.

How do Sea Butterflies respond to the enviorment?

When in trouble, sometimes are only able to hide under shells. Many sea butterflies are dissolving in the artic areas because of the ice that is melting. Another reason that we are losing sea butterflies is the emissions being put into the water. (such as burning coal, gas, and oil.