Kelsey LeBuhn

It's All About Me

Kelsey LeBuhn

Important people in my life:

- My mom --> She is the strongest woman I know and has been through so much, but has never given up on anything. She has the kindest heart, would do anything for anyone, and never expects anything in return. She has a passion for creativity and implemented that greatly in the raising of my siblings and I. She has inspired me to continue with my dream to be a teacher even when others discouraged me greatly. I aspire to be as wonderful as she is one day.

- My siblings and the rest of my family --> My brother and my sisters are my best friends. We are so close and always have each other's backs. We have similar interests and thoroughly enjoying doing things together. My brother, Nate, is a wonderful athlete and has a huge heart. My sister, Hanna, wants to save the world as well and has traveled to Haiti numerous times to give back to the community. I come from a very Italian family which means we are all very close and eat a lot. I wouldn't trade any of them for the world.

- My dogs and horse --> My dogs, Serafina and Ashley, are the cutest angel faces to ever walk this Earth. Ashley continues to sleep in my bed ever since I've left for college. They enjoy hiking. I have been riding since I was 5 and am also on the Equestrian Team here. I've had numerous horses, but my current horse is a love.

- My friends --> They get me through with laughs and adventures.

Why education:

- I have always known I've wants to be a teacher ever since I was little. I used to teach my stuffed animals and my mom set up a school room in my basement for me to better teach. I have a passion for wanted to "save the world" and having a small impact on a child's life is my contribution to that. I love children, and the satisfaction of teaching them important things that will aid them in their future lives exites me.

Best Education Memory:

- I taught a student at Memminger Elementary School last semester in 4th grade. We had a few sessions together, but not enough time to really get to know each other. Because of this inability to really connect, it made teaching him difficult. He had some learning disabilities and was extremely quiet. This made my job even more challenging. The first mini-lesson I taught him was an LA lesson on smilies; which did not go well to say the least. I knew I had to approach him in a different way. The next mini-lesson I was assigned to teach him was a spelling lesson. I made the environment in which I taught him much more casual and implemented a few other strategies. It was such a success and my student not only had fun, but laughed, opened up to me, and did pretty well on his spelling test. This ah-ha moment of getting through to him successfully was the best feeling in the world and will carry through in my memories and even push me when teaching gets difficult.

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