Down Syndrome

By: Alex Calderon

How the child gets it?

Down Syndrome is caused by a pair of chromosomes failing to separate during egg/sperm formation. When the egg connects with a regular sperm cell to form an embryo, it ends up with three copies of chromosome 21 instead of two.

Symptoms and characteristics of Down Syndrome

-decreased or poor muscle tone

-short neck, with excess skin behind the neck

-flattened facial profile and nose

-small head, ears and mouth

-upward slanting eyes, with a skin fold that covers the corner of the eye


There are no medications or therapy for Down Syndrome. The most that can be done to insure a healthy baby is to have frequent doctors visits.

Life Expectanacy

Babies with Down Syndrome are expected to live sixty years or older. Since medical studies have improved, these children are now expected to live longer.

Three Important Facts

-it is the most common chromosomal condition

-approximately 400,000 people are living with Down Syndrome in the United States

-80% of babies that are born to Down Syndrome, are the ones that their moms had them thirty-five years or older.

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