All About Me!

All About Me

About Me

My name is Shani Campbell I am in 9th grade at West Rowan High. My hobbies are cheerleading and running track . On my free time i like to sleep and when i get bored i like to shop or mess in my hair.

My Favorite things

My favorite things are science and p.e my favorite thing i like about me is my middle name and its Monea. My favorite things to do when I get bored is shop or either mess in my hair and find different hair styles or just chill with my mommy thats my bestfriend .
Alot of people ask me do i wear weave or my real hair . I sometimes wear weave but most of the time i wear my real hair .

-people ask me if my hair is all mine when i dont have weave in because its long

-people ask me if i do my own hair.