By sophia Leiva Grade 5D

What is sports?

For my exhibition I think i'm going to choose Sports. Why you ask because sports is something that I really enjoy and i think i would be really confident on doing sports because one i do a lot of active activities and my favorite sport is tennis you don't need to be at a tennis court just to play tennis you can do it at your house or you can do it out side were ever you feel comfortable. For the exhibition I'm going to try to persuade people to be more active and be able to do more thing in their lives.

The Action You Take May Affect Human Communication

This is just something you need to now

Get out their and do more thing or els just siting on the couch all day won't make a different and you could get pretty sick.

Why I chose Tennis as a type of sport

I chose tennis because people can get a lot of exercise and get strong mussels.

You can get really healthy by doing sports and it's a great and fun sport to!!

Some people when they just start to play tennis they think it's really hard to play and they just quit. But when they get the hang of it and start practicing they will realize it is a totally fun and a motivating game!!!