Let's go Giants

Baseball, I got here

What is this?

Baseball is the sport that two team, consisting of 9 players in each, played in field to pitch, to hit, to run, to catch and to throw in 9 turns. As baseball is one of the major sports in America, it is held almost everyday except winter.


There are two views. One is that cricket which had began from 13th century, progressed to baseball in America. The other is that Americans devised it autonomously.

History of MLB

It began with foundation of Cincinnati Red Stockings in 1869. There were many independent baseball leagues at that time and also was negro league for segregation.

Jackie Robinson was a first major league player as black in 1947. MLB executive desinated 42 of him as retired number to all MLB teams for commemorating it.

Why is Giants?

When Korean major leaguer, Park Chan Ho, won success, Giants is rival with his team, Dodgers. So I could notice them. There is Barry Bonds, and when I saw him at first, he hit the ball Park pitched like everything and made homerun and grandslam at that. Since then, I was fascinated. As Barry zito, master of curve ball, transferd to Giants once more, they lit my eyes.