Crusader Teacher Final Notes

Celebrating the Ministry of CCS Teachers

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Mrs. Dorene Bowman

Dorene Bowman has been our Preschool T/A for 20 years. She says, "I knew when I was a child that I wanted to work with children." Mrs. Bowman enjoyed working with our preschool and kindergarten students. "My favorite part was working wherever I was needed. The tough part was working through the pandemic," she says - reflecting on the year.

Crusader Basketball was her favorite CCS sport to attend.

"Always put God first in all you do, say and think," Mrs. Bowman says.

Mrs. Bowman will be stepping away from CCS to take care of her mom, who has cancer.

She leans on Psalm 139, the whole chapter.

"This has been the best 20 years of my life and I have learned so very much! I have become more faithful in my walk as a Christian. This school is a mission field and what a blessing it’s been to be a part of that. My life has forever charged in a positive way. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful family."


Dorene Bowman

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Mrs. Mary Ann Bailey

Mrs. Mary Ann Bailey has taught 2nd, 5th, 6th, 7th-12th. History, Math, Bible, PE at Columbus Christian School. She's been a Crusader for 19 years.

Mrs. Bailey was inspired to teach due to her love of working with young people and helping them learn. "It would be a toss up between the History and the Math," she told us, referring to her favorite subject she taught.

She preferred being in the classroom, not virtual. Mrs. Bailey explained the hard parts of the year like this: "The tough part was the mask, distancing, and the middle school students not being able to rotate classes."

She enjoyed attending all sports, drama, and choir events.

"Lean on God and try your best," she advises students.

Mrs Bailey plans on traveling and camping for her next adventure.

Phil. 4:13 Press On!

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Mr. Glen Brown

Mr. Glen Brown has taught 6th-12th psychology, writing, math, English, PE, and science at CCS for 6 years. He became a teacher to help young people learn. "Everything just makes it right," he said about teaching.

"The toughest part was dealing with COVID-19," Mr Brown says.

He enjoyed watching all sports but if he chose a favorite, it would be football.

"They say character is how you act when no one is watching, but working for CCS, you always remember, God is always watching," he says.

He plans to enjoy his retirement.

As I read more of the Bible, my favorite scripture keeps changing.

"Thank you for allowing me to finish out my career at such a wonderful place," Mr. Brown finishes.

Mrs. Kaitlynn Harvey

Kaitlynn Harvey taught High School Social Studies and Electives at CCS for 6 years.

She was a Crusader which encouraged her love of learning. Her favorite subject to teach was US history, and, "the first year I taught Fine Arts because it was a very memorable group of students."

"My favorite part of this year was sharing my pregnancy with the students, and the hardest part was creating all of the class plans and assignments for my maternity leave," she states.

Crusader Basketball was her favorite sport to attend at CCS.

She wants to be sure to tell students that, "You matter a great deal to many people in your life, don't forget that. I personally will miss each and everyone of you, and thank you for making such a big difference in my life. I love each of you!"

She is leaving CCS to stay home to raise her two little ones.

Revelation 4:8-11

Below are several of Mrs. Harvey's favorite photos as a Crusader Teacher!

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Mr. Steven Vermillion

Mr. Steven Vermillion has taught 6th-8th grade English, Health & Wellness for 2 years at CCS. "I love my subjects and have always had a heart for students," Mr. V says. Mr. Wildey reached out to him, and that's how he ended up at CCS.

"I enjoyed teaching Life Skills; you can have a lot of fun with the students with a subject like that. But of course I also enjoyed teaching books in my English classes. My favorite aspect of the year was being able to have the students all together in the classroom once and for all I missed that. The toughest part was having some in, some out, and at different times. Also masks. Hate those, Mr. V says about teaching and this past year.

Mr. Vermillion has always enjoyed the basketball games, a longtime CCS tradition.

Mr. V advises students by saying, "It may be that you leave high school and do well without any college education. And it may be that you never use precalculus skills again. But don't forsake the Gospel. It's the only thing that matters in eternity."

Because Mr. Vermillion takes education seriously, he plans to either attend grad school or achieve a paralegal certification. "I will take an interim year to save money and study for the GRE or register for certification classes," he says.

Hebrews 12

"This place built me, more or less. Never underestimate the ability for the school to change hearts and lives. It has happened to many students before. Investing in CCS has led to some beautiful returns," Mr. V finishes.

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Mrs. Laura Adams

Mrs. Laura Adams has taught Third Grade for one year at CCS. She began teaching because of incredible teachers and continues teaching because she remembers names of students past and present in our community. "I am a firm believer that education changes the world one child at a time," she states.

"My favorite part was getting to know the students, the tough part was not being able to see the families face-to-face as much as a normal year. Covid was a challenge but I am incredibly proud of the resilience of my students. Being witness to how the students show God's love to one another was absolutely a highlight. As well as watching my own children grow here," Mrs. Adams says.

She enjoys Crusader Basketball games!

"You are loved! Loved by your teachers, parents, friends but most importantly God. You can make a difference if you place God first in all that you do," Mrs. Adams advises students.

Mrs. Adams will be returning to Schmitt Elementary to teach second grade.

1 Thessalonians 5: 17 "Pray continually"

Mrs. Adams says, "Although my time here as a teacher was short, I have appreciated all those who made CCS feel like home."

Miss Grace Kim

Grace Kim has been our 2nd Grade teacher for 1 year. "The kids I met in Thailand motivated and inspired me greatly. Seeing them grow and helping them find their talents as well as leading them to reach their potential became my biggest goal in teaching," Miss Kim says. Math and read aloud are her favorite subjects to teach!

Reflecting on her year, she says, "Getting to know each student was a blessing and my happiness this year.

It was tough not being able to connect with families as much as before with covid19 happening."

Miss Kim loved watching the middle/high school students performing on the stage during their fall play and spring musical.

"God that knows you best will lead you even when you don't understand. Trust in Him and PRAY!!!" Miss Kim states.

She plans to get her Masters Degree at Vanderbilt University.

Psalm 18:1

"I sincerely thank you for giving me the chance to grow and learn with the students at CCS. It has been a challenging year, but unforgettable and the most memorable year of my life. Thank you!" Miss Kim expresses.

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