Tales of Wales

A report of the lost village of Wales.

Date of Establishment

In 1783 Dr. James Stuart came to establish the town of Wales. He had been given a 500 acre land grant. He chose to sell of lots and begin a town. The town was known as Dickinson's Landing Station. It was called that because they had a train station and Dickinson's Landing, just down the road didn't. In 1860 Prince Edward of Wales came to visit. In his honour they applied for a post office and named the town Wales

Businesses of Wales

The town of Wales was a happening place at one time. The town had five general stores, a bakery, and a jewelry store. They also had a big three story hotel called Connelly's Hotel. Wales was a big farming community so L.G. Wert built the town a grist mill, egg grading station, and hatchery.

Mr. Smith was important person in the relocation of Wales because he rebuilt the grist mill, egg grading station and hatchey outside of Ingelside.

Wales used to have fair. It was called World's Fair because so many people attended this fair.

A Devastating Fire

On September 21, 1906 a fire broke out in Wales. The town did not have a fire department

and the men were helpless against the fire. Even after the fire they still never got a fire department.