December Newsletter

Marta's DR Team

Happy December!

I hope you all had a restful break for Thanksgiving and are ready to finish out the calendar year, the year is flying by already! This month will be a fun one with lots of reasons to celebrate in our classrooms.

Days I am Out This Month (tentative)

Wednesday December 2nd- Cognitive Coaching

Friday December 4th- Disney on Ice

**please don't forget to let me know if you will be out as well :-)

Shout outs!

Vicky- Accountability- Giving students descriptive one-on-one feedback every day so that they know how they are progressing in writing and they know their next steps. Awesome way to support students in their learning!

Eva- Collaboration- Getting parents involved in classroom activities to maximize student learning and parents' involvement in the classroom. Awesome job involving families in learning!

Cristian- Collaboration- Working with teachers to adjust your schedule so that you are able to give students the much needed P.E. time as well as allowing your space to be used during indoor recess. Thank you for supporting students and teachers!

Sandra- Students First- Putting students' needs at the forefront by planning lessons and activities in the classroom to meet students where they are at so the learning is maximized. Great work!

Kim- Accountability- Holding students accountable for their work in the classroom, whether it be through their classroom jobs or through students supporting each other in the class to be responsible. Keep it up!

Consuelo- Students First- Finding ways to adapt your lessons to challenge your students appropriately so that their needs are met, whether it is through scaffolding lessons down or up. Great job being conscious of your students' academic levels and planning accordingly!