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Maidstone Intermediate - Te Kura ō Hinepōhatu

30th September 2022

A Word from our Principal

Kia ora e te whānau

Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa

And before we know it, the Christmas products are already on the shelves of The Warehouse. Was it not a few weeks ago when we were still in a winter mood? Amazing how time can fly when you have fun.

Friday will be the anniversary of my first year at Maidstone. Looking back, I can think of a few adjectives to describe the first year and FUN will definitely be one of them. It was a crazy year with lots of ups and a few downs. I still feel that COVID prevented me from connecting with all the whanau. However, I do feel I have adapted to the “Upper Hutt way” of life. I would like to use this opportunity to thank all who have played a role in making this year an unforgettable one. There were so many things we as a community can feel proud of.

The Maidstone Way

But, as I mentioned above there were also a few downs. And one of the downs is the behaviour of a small group of ākonga (students) making life at Maidstone an unpleasant experience for all. The reality is that this is a nationwide issue. I attended a principal conference recently and the majority of the talk was about the behaviour of ākonga post-covid. That does not mean we should ignore it. On Monday (first day of the holiday) the kaimahi (staff) will have a whole day Kōrero (meeting and brainstorming) focussing on how 2023 will look at Maidstone. Part of that will look at how we respond to behaviour issues.

Camp 2022

The reporting back from camp was overwhelmingly positive. All the ākonga I talked to responded with big smiles and long stories about how much they enjoyed it. I also had many people telling me how amazing our parent helpers were. Ngā mihi to all of you for helping out. A huge shout out to the whanau who sponsored some ākonga. We had about 35 ākonga who were able to attend camp because they were sponsored by another whanau. That’s what we call “Community spirit”.

Farewell to Heather Clegg

Last Friday a small group of ex and current Maidstoners met to farewell Heather Clegg. Heather retired in September from her role as Presiding member of the Maidstone Board. She joined the board in 2008 and for the last 14 years she played a major role in governing Maidstone. We will miss her expertise, dedication, and passion for Maidstone. It is not every day you get a parent committing such a long time to a kura.

Looking at the rest of 2022

Term 4 is a very short term. That does not mean things are going to slow down. These are a few of the major events to look forward to:

Week 1

Friday 21 October - Upper Hutt Cluster Teacher Only Day

Week 2

Monday 24 October - Labour Day

Friday 28 October - World Teachers’ Day

Friday 28 October - Netball Prizegiving

Week 3

Wednesday 2 November and Thursday 3 November - MIS Showcase

Week 5

Tuesday 15 November - Wainuiomata Sports Exchange

Week 8

Friday 9 December - Service to the School Awards Assembly

Week 9

Tuesday 13 December - Prizegiving

Wednesday 14 December - Year 8 Function

Thursday 15 December - Last day for the year

Parent Help

Lastly, I want to ask for help with the following:


We have two rooms that we are currently updating to use as rooms for various learning experiences. A big part of this will be to accommodate ākonga with different learning needs. They are the ones who need some space and who cannot be in a classroom with 30 others for the whole day. This is a dream to have a space that will cater for ākonga with specific learning needs. But, to make it work we need lots of money - something we do not have. We are in the process of applying for grants. To be successful with grants we will need to show that as a community we do our part to raise money. The huge success we had earlier this year with the Pub Quiz showed me that if we stand together as a community we can make it work. The idea is to have a PUB QUIZ on Friday 18 November with the hope that we will have a full crowd helping us to raise $5 000 on that night. More information to follow soon.

Garden Working Bee

We have about 100 plants to plant before full summer is here. Rachael, our gardener, plans to have a Garden Working Bee for Sunday 16 October 10:00 - 12:00. We need the following:

  • A group of willing parents to give us two hours to help out with the Garden Working Bee. Please email Rachael or me to let us know if you can help (

  • Bring spades, gloves and lots of energy

  • If somebody wants to get rid of their wheelbarrow, please let me know

  • We can do with more seedlings. Do you have native seedlings you can donate to the school? Please let us know

Assistance with Library and Resource room

Anybody with a spare hour or two to help us out with sorting out resources? Please let me know if you can help out with this.

A lovely two week break to you all.

Ngā mihi

Wikus Swanepoel



Ehara taku toa, he takitahi, he toa takitini

My success should not be bestowed onto me alone, as it was not individual success but success of a collective

Present and Past Principals with Heather Clegg

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Extra Curricular Group and Team Photos - View on-line

On Tuesday 27 September, LC Scott Photographers took photos of all our extra curricular groups and teams. The photos can be viewed and ordered through this link

Term 4 - Hats

It is time to dust off those hats ready for term 4. You have two weeks holiday to look for them. New hats are available from NZ Uniforms.

Te angitu o ngā ākonga (Student success)

Congratulations to the following ākonga:

Jarron S (Rm 11)

Awarded best forward for his rugby team and best overall for his REP team. Spoken very highly of at the prizegiving which demonstrated his great effort and teamwork he shows.

Amy M (Rm 20)

Gold medal in her gymnastics tournament

Lyla T (Rm 6)

2 PBs at Wellington Swim Champs

Please email to let us know about your tamariki success. We would love to celebrate and share the success.

Tips for Whānau - Ākonga in the Cyber World

A Tool to Help Students Make Good Decisions

Some students need help when it comes to weighing pros and cons, and this simple decision-making matrix will help them sort things out.

Thinking flexibly

Do you ever find yourself fixed in your way of looking at a problem?

Perhaps you, or someone you are working with, stops thinking and just says, "my mind is made up, don't confuse me with more facts."

Have you ever known someone who has difficulty in considering alternative points of view?

Thinking flexibly is part attitude (openness to a new idea) and part action (knowing how and when to expand horizons and consider using new ideas and information).

Create instructional flashcards from your google spreadsheets

Flashcards are important visual tools that can be used for a wide variety of instructional purposes in class. From presenting and revising new vocabulary to sharing writing prompts and checking students comprehension, flashcards have proved to be helpful for various types of learners. There are numerous web tools that can help you create digital and printable flashcards.


Leadership success requires curiosity that extends beyond results.Energy shrivels when problems, complaints, and falling short are the recurring topic of conversation. But a good question ignites vitality. Visit the link to read about questions that will strengthen leadership.

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Camp El Rancho


We went to camp from Wednesday to Friday in Week 8. Some of the activities we did were archery, crate stacking, horse riding, pool, waterslide, and more.

The activities were super fun! The pool was freezing but it was still fun. The waterslide was super-fast and very enjoyable. The horse riding was nice. We also did orienteering, where we had to go around the camp looking for little symbols.

On the first night we had a bonfire. We walked through the horse paddock and watched the fire. It was pretty cold but fun. On the second night, we dressed one person from our cabin up in newspaper and we had a fashion show.

On the way back home we stopped at the beach and stayed there for about two hours. It was nice and warm, and really fun. We had lots of fun at our camp!

Zoe H


On Monday the 12th of September, Pākuratahi went to El Rancho for school camp. There were lots of activities including the pool, raft building, soft archery, mini golf, disc golf, water slide, chapel escape, Burma trail, confidence course, rock wall, spotlight, quiz, and we also had a movie night. The teachers gave us lollies and chips while we watched the movie ‘Cool Runnings’. It was fun! There was also lots of yummy food like chicken burgers, nachos, roast chicken with potatoes and vegetables, chocolate mousse, brownies, ice cream and jelly. By Emmerson and Kelly


On Monday 12 September, Remutaka went to El Rancho. We had an amazing camp! We did tubing, water slide, pool, crate stacking, horse riding, kayaks, wild survival, and talent quest. Sadly, our bonfire got cancelled because of the rain but other than that I enjoyed camp. It was fun and quite nice. And good to hear nature every day!

By Ollie A-L


Camp was a very interesting experience! There were lots of things going on while we were there, but overall, it was a once in a lifetime experience. It all started on Wednesday the 14th of September with the classroom full of suitcases and bags. It was really hard to walk around, and everyone was surrounding the table trying to figure out what activity group they were in; and of course who was in their cabin! Different groups did different things each day. The activities that our syndicate did were kayaks, raft building, rifles, disc golf, rock wall, giant board games, Burma trail, chapel, and soft archery. The food there was delicious! On the first night we had nachos, and on both nights we got dessert. For breakfast we had toast and cereal, and stuff like that. For lunch on Thursday we had chicken burgers, and that night we had a roast for dinner. The snacks during the day were biscuits and fruit.


On Wenerei we boarded the pahi and headed for El Rancho! The brave headed for the waterslide whilst the skilful commenced soft archery. Other activities on offer were crate stacking, rock climbing, Burma trail, raft building, and kayaking. At night we frolicked ecstatically in the pool, and then participated in a Fear Factor wero! Challenges faced were ginger, wasabi, olives, custard, chocolate scorpion, and finally Dutch salted licorice! Day two we started early and finished with an almighty bonfire; roasting marshmallows to make smores. Nga mihi nunui e te whanau that supported us at camp, but also all those whanau for organising us prior, and doing our washing upon arriving home!

Acting Troupe - Theatre Sports Trip

On Tuesday 20 September the Maidstone Acting Troupe set out on an adventure to Aotea College for a mini theatre sports collaboration. We played some of our favourite games with the Year 9 and 10 students who are a part of the Aotea Jnr Performing Arts class. It was a really cool experience to play with different students, as they came up with new ideas and jokes that we would never think of. Some of our favourite games were: Bus Stop - where you have to try and get people to move off a seat with your acting, Questions Only - where you are only allowed to have a conversation in questions, and Half Time - where you improvise a scene then repeat it over and over with the time limit getting shorter and shorter. Overall, everyone played really well and Maidstone got a special shout out for being such stand out players.

WRISSA Girls Rugby Tournament

Last week we took up a girls rugby team for the day and played in Wainui. There were two pools and we got put into the hardest pool! We tried our best and the day was really fun and enjoyable.

Our team lost 3 games and won 1. Two teams from our pool were in the finals so it was pretty clear we were put in the hardest pool but that didn't stop us from playing our hearts out! Even though the day didn't turn out how we wanted it to go, we still came away feeling like we played really well.

A big shout out to the Janes (Corey and Amie) because without them our day would have not been so memorable, and they also shouted us frozen Cokes at the end, so thank you for that. Corey did a great job of coaching us at short notice and showed us how to tackle safely. And a big thank you to Mrs Betteridge who was our number one supporter, and without her our day would not have been possible!

By Prisseis and Briarly

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Community Notices

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