French Resturants

Waiters and Waitresses, Proper Etiquette, and Tipping

French Waiters and Waitresses

Contrary to popular belief in America referring to your waiter as "garcon" is not acceptable. The proper term is Monsieur, Madame, or Madamoiselle. Waiters usually know a lot about food and wine in nice restaurants or sometimes even in smaller cafes.

Customers in France

The customers generally take longer to eat their meals in France. And usually refer to the food as "not bad" or "not so great" instead of "good" or "bad".


In France cafes and restaurants will include a 15% tip into the final check if "service compris" is on the menu. It's customary to add a little to the final bill if the service was really good. If you're unsure if a tip is included you can always ask, "Le service est compris?"