Ancient Greece Funk

By: Simine Rahimi

Power, Now in Your Hands!

The city of Athens has been having trouble with their government system that helps run the people of the town. There were just too many systems to keep track of, but we know someone who may have the answer to this conflict. Cleisthenes, a noble Athenian and politician, has introduced a very different and new way for this city to be governed that is supposedly be stable and fair. And the solution is to listen to your combined will! Cleisthenes was asked by others to make a good system since he is a well-positioned man of Athens. Yes, in the year 507 B.C, the government's ways are being decided by the people, for the people. Cleithenes words to us are,"The systems before we complicated and I was asked to find a better way for our government to work. This took a lot of thinking time but I finally came up with the best idea I could think of. You me, and to everyone else I'm sure, what better way to govern the people and keep them happy than by giving them the freedom to live how they want. Basically handing them even more power over their lives, and who does not want that. The people who live in the town speaking they live in the depths of it and all of its problems, obviously, know whats best. As a citizen of Athens I believe we need this extra freedom to speak out so most are pleased and feel safe living in their surroundings."

This new governing system was named 'Democracy'. In order to participate in this new system, people must pick a side of the decision and put either a white rock for yes or a black rock for no in the jar provided by the city along with the rest of the citizen's rocks. That will be considered their vote towards the situation at hand, whatever it may be. The rocks will then be sorted and the rock color with the most rocks will win the vote and be the cities solution.

Cleisthenes unique and creative idea has sparked conversations all over Athens, from the spoken thoughts of openly-speaking critics and business men to concerned merchants and towns folk. Most are pleased with the new system, but there have been some that still remain skeptical of the change. The attention directed to Cleisthenes will not be over anytime soon as long as there is dilemma that is for sure!

There you have it Athenians. The system of 'Democracy', now the new and improved government system of Athens, has been established to replace our various mix of systems from before. Hopefully Democracy is the final answer to everyone's governing issues while keeping peace in this city. Will you vote, or do you stand against it? What do you think of Cleisthenes new idea? Power for the majority or freedom in living separate ways for us all? Let's make Athens greater than ever.