Down the Hall in Third

April 28, 2017

April Reading Logs

Please return April reading logs when they are completed. Students must have their reading logs returned by Wednesday to participate in the extra recess. Thank you!!

Mustache Dash

The PTO 5k and Fun Run will be on May 20th this year! You can sign up with this link if you would like to volunteer. It should be fun day! :)


We began reading The Albertosaurus Mystery this week. It is an informational text about Phillip Currie and Barnum Brown. Currie and Brown were both bone hunters. They found many Albertosaurus bones in the same spot in Canada. This text describes their journeys to find the bones.

We also began reading A Picture Book of Sacagawea this week. The students are very excited to make connections to what we have read about Lewis and Clark and what they learned in second grade.


We continued to learn about area this week. Students practiced multiplying side lengths to find the area of a rectangle. They also found unknown side lengths of rectangles by using one side length and the total area.


We finished our Informative/Explanatory writing this week and had our celebration of writing! We will begin working on Personal Narrative writing again next week.

Social Studies

We read more about Ben Franklin this week. Students have been doing a wonderful job evaluating their jot dot summaries based on our rubric and correcting their mistakes.

Important Upcoming Dates and Information

  • May 4th- 2:00 & 7:00; Spring Concert; Intermediate
  • May 9th- Wickiup Hill Field Trip
  • May 20th- Mustache Dash

Have a great week!