Middle Eastern Food-Iran

Iranian food and dishes

Iranian food

Iran's cuisine has lots of lamb and chicken, regional fruits such as lemons, pomegranates and grapes, rice, vegetables, nuts, and herbs. They use lots of strong herbs and spices to balance out the flavor of the earthy vegetables and nuts, along with the savory meats. Because most Iranians are Muslim, they do not eat pork.
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Meal Organization

Iranians combine lots of their meal so that the flavors mix. This creates many flavorful dishes such as kebabs and and fesenjān (a stew with ground walnuts, pomegranates and poultry). The foods prepared are often grilled, including the fruits and vegetables. Tea, called chai, is served with almost every meal. They also eat naan, which is a flatbread.
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Religious practices

Ramadan is the holiest holiday for Muslims, and it lasts several weeks. During Ramadan, from sunrise to sunset, families are not allowed to eat or drink. Families rise early in the morning to eat a large breakfast to get them through the day. Normally, Iranians eat their big meal at around 1 p.m.