Jerry Spinelli


I predict that, Crash is going to be running into items like a wall, someone, and into a locker. I predict that because, of the book name "CRASH". Also, because of the image on the front book. Plus, it looks like he wants to be a football player because he is thinking about it. He also doesn't like Penn Webb. Because, I think this because, he thinks that Penn Webb is no fun because it tells me this on pg. 19 that Penn Webb has only 1 toy where it says "I looked around. So where's the rest? Now he was pulling the wagon in circles. The rest of what? Your toys. he pointed to the wagon. There it is." That's why I think that Crash thinks that Penn Webb is no fun.
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Advise Column

Dear Tim, why does Crash really does not like me that much? Please give me some advise why they really don't like me. I think because I am a vegetarian.

From, Penn Webb

Dear Penn Webb, I think I know because, Crash doesn't really like you because, he seen that you only have 1 toy. Also, that you don't belive in violence, because when you said to draw, he went up into his bedroom and got two water pistols then you told him.

Love, Tim


I think that, CRASH should not mostly be talking about his friends and himself. He should at least talk about his sister, mom, or dad. So, this is my opinion about the book CRASH