6th Grade Technology

by: Brady Tilkens

Typing Web

The class always starts with a five minute typing practice.

You have to pass certain courses during this class.

It improved my typing skills.


One project is a iTrailer about a pretend movie you are making.

You will pick a trip or thing in your life that means a lot to you.

Then learn how to use iTrailer to make a trailer about the thing you have picked.

Haiku deck

Everyone had to make a Haiku about you dream job.

You need to include certain information about how you will be eligible to get the job.

Then everyone in the class will need to present the Haiku Deck.

Explain Everything

Your teacher will teach you how to use Explain Everything.

Then you need to choose a math problem.

After that you make a recorded explain everything about how to solve the problem.

career locker

Miss. Vandenbogard will come and teach you about your future.

You take test that will determine what the program thinks you will be good at.

Then you and your class will play games based on how to get a job and education.