atlantic ocean flore

i would like to visit the ocean Flore in the Bermuda triangle to absurb the life the weathering and erosion here is chemical from plankton and running water

artic flore

this Flore in Nuuk Greenland the only port in the area would have less life but would have beautiful creatures suited to the cold temperatures this has the same weathering as Atlantic only ice erosion can happen here do to know land
i would love to try and extract the compressed iron and see its molecular structure and atomic structure compared to surface iron the core has physical weathering from heat and gravity and chemical from melting rocks


i would like to mine the minerals from a volcanoes center radius in Hawaii's volcano national park which is the usa's only island state chemical weathering from magma and physical from gravity effects it the erosion is gravity from flowing lava

a under water current of the japan sea

the current as in the picture completely circles the archipelago i would like to swim through this because it pushes you at such speed but you cant even feel it only water erosion happens here