Smart Phones Making Us Dumber

The silent killer

Is Your Phone Frying Your Brain?

This article was about how phones are affecting our generation. And how teens are more carless.

Is Your Phone Frying Your Brain?

Do You Think Digital Distraction Is a Big Issue For Learners Today

Do you think smart phones are frying are brains. Yes I think the they are because we are getting more attached to our phones. And accidents with phones are becoming more likely to happen. 1 of 3 people are crossing the street while on there phones so its more likely for someone to get hit by a car. 58% of pedestrian deaths are caused by teenagers under 19 on there phones. There for I think cell phones are frying our brains.

By: Jarren Thompson Fifth hour

How Will I Chang My Cell Phone Usage

I will not get on it will by a street and only use it when I need it.
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