Come to Centrepohlazzland!!!!!(:!:)

Caden Fernando and Woo Son


Business owners are given the choice to make their own decisions! All they have to do is follow a few simple rules! We, as the government, do not have a goal to steal your money but rather require a few investments to benefit your interests! Our lower taxes give the freedom everyone desires! A guaranteed money-maker!!!!!!!
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You, the people, are equally represented by a head of state leading for one year at a time! This is to increase the stability of the government and economy. You also have a parliament representing your greatest interest, corruption in the government shouldn't happen at the slightest! Our small size allows this!
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AMAZZING LOCATION!!!! (not typo)

Located in between the north and south poles, Centrepohlazzland is a beautiful, small island located in the Atlantic Ocean. It has beautiful scenery, a preserved environment, and wonderful beaches. The size of the island allows us, as the government, to easily manage the country while not interfering with the islanders lives. The Atlantic Ocean to also provides wonderful waves for any of you ocean-goers/surfers.
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COME COME COME!!!!!!!! COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!