CTA Goodman Friday News

August 26, 2022

Message From the Principal

Thank you for making Parent Teacher Conference so successful. We had a 97% conference rate. This conference can significantly impact the success of your student (s). When parents, teachers, and students work together for a common goal and then work hard to achieve that goal only great things will occur. When we work together as a team our students will make progress.

Thank you again for all of your support.

Mrs. Lisa Graham


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Thursday, 9/1 - PTO General Meeting

Monday, 9/5 - Labor Day Holiday, No School

Tuesday, 9/6 - Lunch with Students

Monday, 9/26-28 - 6th Grade Science Camp

Wednesday, 9/28 - Family Food Night at MOD Pizza

Lunch with Students

Starting Tuesday, September 6th, parents will be able to join their student for lunch.

Important Reminders for having lunch with your student:

  • Sign in and out in the office.
    • Please remember to bring your ID.
    • If someone other than parent is coming to have lunch with your student, please notify the office ahead of time.
  • Meet your student at the picnic tables.
    • Parents are NOT allowed to go to the playground to pick up their student.
    • We will radio for your student to meet you at the picnic tables when the class is heading into the cafeteria, after recess. If you would like your student to meet you before recess ends, please let us know.
  • Eat lunch with only your student.
    • Students will not be able to invite friends to join them, even if it's a special occasion.
  • Parents will need to bring their own food, as you will not be able to purchase a school lunch.
  • Student will head back to class at end of normal lunch time.

Safety Notice

Please drive through the drop off line. The parking lot is not a safe place to drop off students.
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Gator Gear

Gator Gear can be purchased using the link below:


Doggie, Doggie Where's Your Bone

Kindergarten learned a new circle game with Ms. McKeever in P.E. They liked it so much, they continued the game at recess.

First Gators Showing Greatness

Mrs. Taylor's First Grade class is showing leadership, walking quietly down the hall
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Hello and Welcome

Third Graders from Miss Miller's class learned a folk song from Nigeria called "Funga Alafia" meaning "hello" and "welcome". They performed the song in 3 parts: on drums, xylophones and as singers!

Prairie Dog Reports

Students in Ms. Kribs class were researching information on prairie dogs. Students read a nonfiction article, annotated their text, and completed a graphic organizer to write their reports.

Fitness Testing

Ms. McKeever showing Mrs. Alcala's First Grade class how to do fitness testing.
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Congratulations to this week's Golden Spatula winners

Kindergarten - Smith

First Grade - Alcala

Second Grade - Jensen

Third Grade - Miller

Fourth Grade - Potts

Fifth Grade - Hubley

Sixth Grade - Miller

Parent/Student Check Out - School Board Policy JLIB-R

In the event your child must leave school (doctor appt., etc.) during the school day, we require that a parent/legal guardian sign him/her out in order that we may comply with state guidelines regarding our responsibility for student safety. In compliance with District policy, before releasing a student during the school day, the administration/teacher shall be responsible for the verification of the identity of any lawful custodian or any representative seeking release of a student. If a lawful custodian, as indicated on the student's permanent record, is not recognized by site, the administration/teacher shall require a picture ID before such release. If there is a doubt, release may not be granted. If it is necessary for another adult to check out your student, (in a non-emergency situation) you must give permission by sending a note or calling the school office and ensure that person's name is listed on the child's emergency card. Generally, we do not call students to the office until the parent arrives at the school.

Student Council

Congratulations to the 2022.23 Student Council officers:

President - A'Marie R.

Vice President - Amar'e R.

Secretary - Isis C.

Treasurer - Kate C.

Historian - Sean L.

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