Africas Beautys

4 Physical features in Africa!

Ethiopian Highlands

The Ethiopian highlands, full of beautiful mountains and unforgettable memories.Not only can you experience the wonders of the mountains you can can also check out the the deep valleys that cut between the mountains. And if that isn't enough, you can also check out the blue nile which runs through the Ethiopian HIghlands.

Nile River

The nile river is long and beautiful. With a length if 4,160 miles, you can go on a journey through the nile with family or close friends and share memories that will always be remembered. It runs through Egypt so you can experience both Egypt and the beautiful Nile.

Serengeti Plain

The Serengeti Plain is located in North Central Tanzania. It is also near the beautiful Lake Victoria. So, you can visit Lake Victoria while you're there.Though that's not all, the Serengeti Plain has a National Park that consists of 500 different species of animals, so you can check out all the different stunning creatures.


The island Madagascar is just full of wonders. It is located in the 3rd largest ocean in the world, the Indian Ocean. Madagascar is the 4th largest island int he world. It is magnificent, relaxing, and full of highland plateaus. Visit it sometime and experience things you won't regret!

Visit these stunning features of Africa, and create new memories you surely won't forget!