4 levels of industry

by~alyssa delgado


Agriucultre is the process of gathering and processing of raw materials

EXAMPLE~ranch farming ~ cow



service is when market or advertisement the prouduct

EXAMPLE~ bill borads , commercials , radio , pop up ads


click the link to watch the milk commercial

The Four Levels Of Industry

The four levels of industry are dose amazing things . The first level of industry which i called agriculture and that is the gathering of a raw prouducet such as a cow . The next process of industry is the manufacturing this is when you are actually turing the raw proudect in to the thing that you can sell in stores such as milk . The next stage it of industry is wholesale,transportation , and retail . Whole sale is when you are selling the milk to the retalier . Next they transport the milk to the retalier using a truck,boat,and plains. Then after that the retalier sells the prouduct to the consumer such as kroger and walmart . The next level of industry is the service so basically this level of industry is advertising the prouduct using commercials and pop up adds . This is all of the levels of industry .