MLK Day Art Class

New Years Resolution Reminder Bracelets!

Hi everyone!

I hope this email finds you well today.

I've been inspired by the new year to create something with our little artists to remind them of the resolutions they made! (or if they didn't make any, we can make some together!) I thought it would be fun to make a piece of jewelry that has just a short inspiring word or two to remind us of something we want to do a little more of... maybe "smile" or "listen", "be brave" or "be patient".

They can make as many bracelets as they would like to for themselves, friends, or special family members. We use a specially handmade heart and leather chording to wrap it around. They choose the colors! More available, these are just my/Saylor's choices!

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That is Saylor wearing her Resolutions bracelets! Not that she needs reminders to "Be Here Now", "Love" or "Always be kind", (she's 3) but she loves the colors!

*It was challenging for her to be super still to take the pic... sorry for the blurriness!

**Her shirt says "Trust Your Heart", not "Trust Your Ear", like it looks like! ;)

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class details:

Monday, January 18th


ages 5-11

$25 per artist*

Please text/call Mrs. Morgan to pre-register: 252.207.6914!

Class will be held at Little Wildflowers Art Studio, located at the Makers Space in Kitty Hawk! You'll find us in the "Interiors" building on the NE corner of the 7-11 intersection, just north of the KH post office, just west of Hurricane Mo's. It's a wide building with a green roof. Enter through the farthest door on the right, if you're facing the building!

*cash/check only, please!

I hope to see your little artists!!!

With wildflower love,

Morgan Vuyovich