ELA Curriculum Review Week Pre-work

Getting ready for June...

Our goals...

  • Discuss issues and challenges in implementing ELA Common Core
  • Enhance our curriculum guides by breaking down the standards into more meaningful "chunks" or "units"
  • Make sure that all ELA teachers understand the standards at a high level
  • Create assessments that truly measure students' understanding of the ELA CCSS

Anchoring Our Work with the Anchor Standards

Read back through the Anchor Stds.

In your grade level, which areas do you feel like you've focused on more than others?

Which ones have you not focused on as heavily?


Sequencing & Implementing the ELA CC Standards is kind of like...

EDS, an HP Company 'Cat Herders'
What have been challenges for your grade level in this first year of implementation?

Capture as a grade level.

Share out with the whole group.

Enhancing our Sequencing/"Year At-A-Glance" Documents

Feedback says...teachers want some type of pacing/chunking document, but this one needs lots of improvements. What could a next step be for us?

Key Skills for Learning ELA Content in Your Grade Level

What skills do students need to be successful with your grade's ELA standards when they come to you from the previous grade?

Type on a Word document and save on your flash drive in the 2013-14 folder.

Give Kim the flash drive before lunch!

Continue work with non-negotiable skills...Vertical planning time!

  1. Give your key skills/non-negotiables list to the previous grade level for feedback.
  2. Read & provide feedback, then pass back to the original group.
  3. Give your key skills/non-negotiables to the grade level that follows you.
  4. Finalize document.


  • What do we have?
  • What do we need?
  • Where is there overlap?
Discuss with your grade level team. Chart the assessments for your grade level. Pick a reporter to share with the larger group.

Curriculum Guides

  • Training of Trainers process for CRW
  • What additional resources are needed?
  • Time to "clean up" som

What's next in June?

With your team, discuss what your next steps need to be in June?

Thank you for your hard work today!!!