Is There Any HOPE for Linn County?

Implementation of a HOPE-modeled drug court in Linn County

Executive Statement

Due to the clear budgetary incentives and Linn County’s attempts to implement, it falls to the State of Oregon to fund a HOPE-modeled drug court.

What HOPE?

The HOPE model primarily employs tactics of “swift and certain” punishment.

The History of Linn County’s HOPE

Linn County has been attempting to fund a drug court since 2004. They have yet to receive the sort of funding that would allow a full implementation of the program.

The Great HOPE of Douglas County

Douglas County has had a HOPE program for well over a decade. Douglas County is similarly situated to Linn County demographically speaking, but they have an incarceration rate that is significantly lower.

Extra Credits

By reducing drug costs, we can collect a plethora of social benefits.

Without HOPE

Harsher and Relaxed sentencing.

What Do We Want?

For these reasons, it is in the best interest of everyone that Oregon funds the Linn County HOPE-modeled drug court