Sand Creek Connection

April 25, 2022

Susan Webster, Principal

Karen Pedigo, Assistant Principal


Key Things to Know About ILearn

Students in grades 3-6 are still taking ILearn this week. Thanks for help at home.

Please be sure your student/s are here on time.

Move any scheduled appointments to a date outside testing week or to the afternoons if possible.

Discuss the upcoming test and what may be happening to help prepare them for it.

Ensure your student eats a healthy dinner.

Plan on a normal night's sleep.

Lay out comfortable clothes that meet the dress code for the next day.

If stress and anxiety are a problem play a game, go for a walk. Physical and mental activity will help relieve the stress.

More information is available online:

Big picture

Talent Showcase - Grades 5 & 6 - May 5th, 6:00

Book Fair begins May 3

SCE Spring Carnival May 13th


K-1 Awards 9:00, 2-3 Awards 1:30 May 18

4-5 Awards 9:00 May 19

6th Grade Graduation May 20

**Field Day May 24

**Kickball Tournaments May 25

**may adjust due to weather

Reminder: School breakfasts and lunches are always FREE. Make sure you take advantage of breakfast and lunch at school each day.