All About Film and Video Editors

By: Alli Feille 5th Period Multimedia Mrs. Sanguras

What do people do as film and video editors? How does this job work?

Film and video editors need to be good with computers, good at math, they need to be organized, have a sense of creativity, and be patient. You may think video editing is a fun job, but can you imagine spending all day in a dark room staring at a computer?
Film and video editors move from production to production for at least six weeks each. They have to set up the technology and then they go through all the footage that the director has taken and organize the frames into the right chronological order. They make cuts to the footage, and lengthen the footage. This job takes long hours out of each day when they are working.

Education Requirements, Wages, and Future Outlook

The educational requirements for being a Film and Video editor are mathematics, technology, engineering, and performing arts. The national average annual wage is $66,690. The average annual wage for Texas is $45,680. The average hourly wage in Texas is $21.96. The future outlook for this job is stable. The estimate growth is 17%. Think about it; would YOU like to be a Film and Video Editor?