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September 19, 2021

Good Evening Harrington Families

What a beautiful Sunday! The upcoming week looks to be very seasonal with some wonderful weather, and I for one am looking forward to it. Curriculum Night by all accounts was a success, it was fantastic to see all those that came to Harrington last Tuesday evening. It has been a long time coming, and I was pretty positive the turnout was going to be substantial. The evening was just one step closer to a normal school year for us and was again, well received.

The students are doing really well so far into the year, they have transitioned into this year smoothly and are very eager to work hard with such positivity, it is very admirable to see how hard they are all working day in and day out. As we close out September, we will be closing out a few of our major baseline assessments that will help us determine student reading levels and intervention supports that will be needed as we push deeper into the year.

Please, as a reminder for the following:

Contact the school if your student has been exposed to any COVID related situations and as always out of the abundance of caution, if your student(s) is experiencing any identified COVID symptoms please keep them home and contact Nurse Melissa.

STUDENT ARRIVAL - PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CAR IN THE MORNING DURING DROP OFF! staff will assist with this process. This presents a safety issue and slows down the process of getting the students into the building sooner rather than later. Parents/Guardians should not be dropping off students in front of the building, through the main building doors. As you have all seen, it is quite an extensive process during arrival and dismissal and our focus needs to be on the safe arrival and dismissal of our students.

DISMISSAL - As a final verification, If a staff member walks by your vehicle with a thumbs up, please respond with a thumbs up notifying the staff member that you have your student in your vehicle. Safety is number one and double checking to make sure that you have your student in your vehicle is important to us.

As always, thank you for your continued support of our Harrington community. Please reach out to me or Karen with any questions or concerns as always.

Once again, remember to…"Push through your day, Smile, Be Happy, Stay Positive!"

Be safe! Stay well!

Rob & Karen

COVID-19 Test & Stay Consent

Please take a minute to sign consent to allow your student(s) to participate in this program. In the event of a COVID situation in which your student(s) has been identified as a close contact to a positive case, we can test them on site and if negative can remain at school as long as they test negative for several days after exposure to a positive case. The benefits of this program speak for themselves, as long as students test negative they can remain at school and not miss academics for the several days in which they would have previously had to isolate at home as a precaution.

Important Information – Consent to Participate Required

For your child to participate in the Test and Stay protocol if they are identified as a close contact to a COVID-19 positive individual, consent is required to test. Please refer to the consent form for additional information. Our nursing staff is thoroughly trained on how to administer the Abbott BinaxNOW Rapid Antigen Diagnostic Test.

To provide permission for your child to participate in the Test and Stay protocol in our schools, please select the following link to complete the consent form: https://forms.gle/79Hv4twPifgrriM57.

*Please note the consent includes an option for Symptomatic Testing, however, symptomatic testing is not currently available in our schools. The consent is applicable only for weekly COVID-19 pool testing and/or the Test and Stay protocol.If your student is absent from school for COVID related situations ONLY, teachers will provide any missed work in a bin that will be located in the front of the building. This system will ONLY be used for COVID related situations, not for typical illnesses normally attributed to the school year.

Additional COVID information and/or changes is consistently being evaluated and will be shared with families from the district level.

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Our next PTO meeting will be on October 6 at 6:30pm online and in the Harrington library. Keep an eye out for the link to join on our Facebook page, “Harrington PTO”.

Harrington Pride Wear Online Store

Welcome back to school Harrington families! It's time to show your Harrington Pride! This year we will be offering online ordering through Center Sports. New items have been added to our spirit wear list. Check out the link below to check out our new items and to place your order. Online store closes on September 30th. Items will be available for pick up week of 10/18. Email Alysun Kenney at: alysunstephens@gmail.com or Kate O'Malley at: kate876@gmail.com with any questions.


Save the date for the UMASS Lowell Riverhawks hockey game on October 23. More information to follow!

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