Lauren's PDP

Stick to specific, focussed literacy goals

We all know I tend to get a little distracted...

I see the big picture of things and find it difficult to select specific learning goals for literacy in particular as I find that I get distracted of how all the smaller skills work together within a text. My writing programs used to be too integrated and focus on a theme or larger goal rather than something specific. I found it hard to give specific feedback and students were not given the opportunity to achieve as many learning goals as possible.

Do a little and do it well

I worked with Amanda to pick one specific, focussed writing goal and differentiate within this goal. Modelled, Guided and Independent writing happened daily. Students knew exactly what it was that they were learning to do and how it was expected to be done. We talked about it and put it into practise. Students began to achieve learning goals and I realised that the more focussed I was in the goals I picked, the more the students were able to excel. My programming became very focussed and scripted (to keep me on track) until eventually I was able to let go of the scripting.

In the future....

Although I have become much more specific in my identification of literacy learning goals for the class and groups of students, I need to continue focussing on this as part of a well balanced literacy session with high expectations for all. As well as making sure I fit writing, reading, speaking and listening and comprehension into the literacy sessions, my next goal will be to work on putting individual skills back into a 'whole'. I have worked hard on the break down, but now need to build back up.