Citizenship, Individual and Social

Citizens, their Rights and Public Services


A recognized legal subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized.

A British citizen is a person who was born in Britain by British parents, not if their parents are from immigration origin.

For example, another way of identifying a British citizen is establishing that they have a British passport.


This is the privilege given to a citizen of the state to exercise civil and political rights, this can be also be referred to as a nationality which establish the rights and responsibilities to those who are the members under the law and this gives them permission to take part in public life and affairs.

An example of citizenship would be volunteering in your local community to help others get involved.

Individual Rights

This is an individuals way of pursuing their life and their goals without any interference from another indivual or the government.

An example of individual rights would be the right to live, work and think as an individual without being silenced or restricted.

Human Rights

This is the right that believes every human is entitled to. They are fundamental inalienable rights that are yours and define us as humans.

A few examples of human rights can include being free from discrimination which means if you have a different race or religion you shouldn't be discrimiunated from because you were born into it. it also means you would be free from things such as cruel and unusual punishment which means that you should not be made to do something that would go againt your health.

Why Public services look for good citizens to be their employees?

The public services look for good citizens to be part of their employees because they want to ensure that whoever they are employing can be trusted.

They want to make sure that the good citizen has good responsibility in order to make sure that if they have to sort something out themselves then they can do it without messing anything up or causing trouble.

They look for citizens with manners and understand how to talk to people properly because if your rude to the public then they will have no respect for you.

They also look for selflessness because they need to be assured that you will put others needs before yours unless its an emergency.

These are only a few qualities that a good citizen will need to join the Public services.