The GUARDian

Notes specific to the Jaguar Guard

Winterguard Hair and Makeup


Varsity: Competition hair is slicked back, low ponytail. All hair must be slicked back and away from the face. No loose hair. Varsity can have a variation of parts in their hair for their low ponytail. *Slicked back = wet hair, apply gel, work the hair into ponytail while wet. Spray with hairspray. Lightly dry with hair dryer.

JV: Competition hair is a dance bun. Hair must be slicked back and away from the face. No loose hair. *Slicked back = wet hair, apply gel, work the hair into dance bun while wet. Spray with hairspray. Lightly dry with hair dryer.

All Guard members should have their own hair products including rubber bands, bobbie pins, combs, and hair spray.


Makeup for Varsity & JV is a natural makeup look. Even though the look is natural, Mr. Duffy stressed that makeup must be worn. Lipstick must be a natural/neutral shade. It cannot be a bright or dark shade.

Remind 101

Make sure to receive real time information from Mr. Duffy by signing up for the JAGuard Remind 101. The Class code for the guard Remind 101 is @thejagway. It is not for students only.

Team Moms also post Remind 101 changes in the parent GroupMe as well as information regarding meals and costuming.


Volunteers still need to go through the VIP system. You can find that at:

TCGC: Dripping Springs

Saturday, Jan. 29th, 7:30am-8:30pm

940 U.S. 290

Dripping Springs, TX

JV performs at 11:23am

Varsity performs at 5:49pm

Names must be placed on all uniform and clothing items

Please make sure that your child has his/her name on clothing and shoe items. We do not have a large inventory on hand to replace them if they lose them.

If your child misplaces a uniform item without a name on it, chances are they will not get it back and then will impact the performance of the guard as a whole.

We recommend using a paint pen (silver or gold shows up well) or a silver sharpie. Write initials on the inside instep or side of foot of shoes (if you write on the bottom it will get rubbed off by their heels), inside gloves, and inside clothing items.

Guard member dismissal = 1) turning in uniform, and 2) cleanliness of guard and dressing rooms

Please know that from now on, guard members will not be dismissed to go home until:

  1. Uniform is properly hung and turned in on competition days, and
  2. They have picked up all of their items (and trash) from the guard and dressing rooms. Please see the pictures below that shows the guard room and the dressing room after the last game. The pictures make it apparent that the items left belong primarily to guard members. Names will be taken and will result in demerits.

We know everyone wants to go home as quick as possible so please either come inside and help with turning in uniforms or cleaning up guard and dressing rooms or strongly encourage your child to make sure to clean up after themselves.

*The best way to ensure they go home quickly is for everyone to clean up after themselves!

DEMERITS: Team Moms, Captains, and Directors will be assigning demerits for infractions such as leaving food, water jugs, clothes, etc. 3 demerits will result in guard and dressing room clean up duty after competitions.

Thank you!

Recent pictures of guard messes that will result in demerits starting this week!