By: Riley Howes

Theme: Courage

  • The whole family of Sounder showed courage. Sounder showed courage by, protecting his master from the sheriff. The mother showed courage by, letting the boy go to school even though they were going through a hard time. The father showed courage by, coming home from the dynamite blast to see his family, even though he was hurting. The boy showed courage by, going to see his father in the jail.

Rosa Parks

Rosa was born in Tuskegee, Alabama in 1913. When she got older she refused to give up her seat to a white man. She got arrested because, black people had to give up their seat to a white person if they wanted to sit there. She was a Civil Rights activist. When Rosa was 19, she met and married a man named Raymond Parks. After Rosa got arrested, black people had to get on the bus by the back and they had to sit in the back. Rosa died in 2005, she had a rough life.

Pet and human relationship.

  • When the dog and the human are not together the heartbeat starts to go up, and it beats faster, and the person starts to get sad and emotional, but when the dog and the human are together the heartbeat stays normal and the person is happy.

Father, Daughter, and Dog

  • How the story's are alike are, the dog and the dad dies. The father falls in love with the dog. How they are different are, Cheyenne doesn’t bark, but Sounder does. The daughter got the dog by going to an animal shelter. Unlike the boy he got Sounder from an old tall man.

Anticipation Guide

  • Every person has a right to food, shelter, and safety. Agree, why I feel this way is because, if you don’t have food than you will starve and might die. You have to have shelter because, if you don’t you will be cold, and might freeze to death in the winter. You should have safety because, if you live by a forest than you don’t want to be in danger, you want to be in a warm place not a cold place.