Beyond Championships

By. Dru Joyce II,with Chris Morrow, Foreword by LeBron James


Can you imagine never having been a basketball player and then ending up the coach of future All Star Lebron James? Well, that's exactly what you will be able to imagine in detail if you read the book Beyond Championships by Dru Joyce II.
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Coach Dru

Dru Joyce III

Carolyn Joyce

LeBron James

Romeo Travis

Willie McGee

Sian Cotton


St. VM High School, in and around Akron, Ohio


This story is about a man who finds himself in unexpected positions in life. After a few rough patches along the way, he finds strength in his faith, family, and friends to help him along the way. He achieves some amazing accomplishments but more importantly, realizes how important it is to pass his lessons and experiences on to others because everyone should have dreams.


5 Stars because: 1) it is very motivational for athletes and all young people in general and

2) The chapters are fairly short and easy to keep reading which is encouraging and helps you to not lose interest.


Athletes may like this book the most, but anyone can relate because everyone has dreams and everyone needs motivation along the way to keep them focused in life.


Teen non-fiction


People can overcome any obstacles in their life as long as they believe in themselves and have a strong faith to keep them focused on their goals and dreams.

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Favorite Quote

"Don't ever give up on your dream. Just look at me."
Beyond Championships: A Playbook for Winning at Life