My Canadian Smore

If you want to learn more about Canada, read this!

Where do people live in Canada and why?

Most people live in the southern part of Canada. Well, because Northern Canada is colder than the Southern part of Canada. Since it is colder, the ground is frozen and hard,so it is less suitable for crops. Southern Canada has more ''Transportation hubs''and it cheaper to travel,so people and GOODS can move easier. That is why Southern Canada has a heavier population.

Environmental issues of Canada

When acid rain falls as precipitation, the Great Lakes become acidic. Also air pollution in Canada is actually mostly the USA's fault, but Canada is still involved. Canada also has a problem of over extraction for timber and mining in the Canadian Shield. You see, they want to cut down a few trees but is soon there are many trees that are cut down. Well, because machinery try to get to the big trees but they have to chop down all the little ones in the way, ruining the land. Mining in the Canadian Shield causes huge land loss because the soil is loose and the wind just blows it away like the Dust Bowl. Many animals loose homes because mining takes the trees away to start mining. Reclamation takes a long time and also a lot of money because soil is very precious.

Independence for Quebec?

Quebec wants to be separated from Canada and become their own country! They even already have a political party! Quebec wants to leave Canada peacefully but some groups are violent and kill some innocent people. But if Quebec leaves Canada, a big hole will be in the economy because Quebec has large amounts of natural resources. Not good. First, why does Quebec want to leave Canada in the first place? You see, Quebec is full of French speakers that feel invaded because in most of Canadian people speak English. Quebec wants to protect their French culture and ideas. Even large amounts of English Canadians are moving in Quebec, so they want it to stop. So if Quebec leaves Canada, a quarter of the population will leave and billions will stop going Canada's bank account. But Quebec won't feel left out anymore. I think Quebec shouldn't leave because that will cause many negative things to happen Canada.
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