White Rhino

By: Chuck Faircloth

Details about the White Rhino

Common Name: White Rhino

Scientific Name: Ceratotherium Simum

Life Span: 40 - 50 yrs

Speed: 50 km/h (Running)

Location: East and Central Africa

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Why are they threatened

They are endangered because of poaching. Humans are doing this for their horn and white rhinos are very vulnerable to this because they are not aggressive and live in herds

What can we do to help

Humans can do something that is quite simple to help. We need to protect them where they exist and manage population for max growth and establish new populations in good locations for max protection and growth

What is the White Rhinos niche

The White Rhino is basically a browser in the environment feeding on mostly shrubs, and plants. They help other animals in the environment by eating poisonous plants that are harmful to other animals around them