Layne Alvarado


Water is one of our main Natural resources and is used for many things such as, bathing, cooking, washing clothes/dishes, and many more! Most people dont seem to realize that, WE DONT HAVE ALOT OF WATER ON EARTH! We need to keep all the water resources and keep them going as long as possible so we can actually have water for our future!

Water uses?

Water is mostly used for now of days to water grass so people can show off their lawns. The thing most people dont realize is that they water twice a day and most of that water just ends up going underground and staying underground... which leaves ground water! Ground water is most the hardest water to replenish, and is know as the one of he hardest to replenish!

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Topic Conclusions! =O

My conclusions have found that most Americans don't realize that Water is a valuable resource so this concludes that more people need to conserve water