It's ready to blow!

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  • Classified 1-8

  • 8 being the worst eruption

  • 1 being the most subtle

  • Super volcanoes= 8

The last level 8 eruption was around 26,500 years ago!

Locations of the largest known supervolcanos

  1. Yellowstone Volcano, USA
  2. Long Valley Volcano, USA
  3. Lake Toba Volcano, Indonesia
  4. Aira Caldera, Japan
  5. Mount Tambora, Indonesia

All are near the Ring of Fire along the Pacific Coastline.

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How do they form/erupt?

  • Along faults
  • Buildup in pressure underground
  • Earthquakes can cause eruptions
  • Nuclear testing
  • Over time
The colossal consequences of supervolcanoes - Alex Gendler


  • Move to the east
  • Always have a supply stockpile
  • Respirators
  • An indoor safehouse
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Example: Mount St. Helens (Not Super)

  • Caused by earthquake
  • Moved 4 million cubic yards of rock and ash
  • 9 hour eruption
  • 57 people died
  • Categorey 5 eruption

Example: Mount Tambora

  • Erupted in 1815
  • Level 7 eruption
  • Killed over 71,000 people
  • Killed plant life in the area
  • Lowered the global temperature for the year
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Effects of a Super Volcanic Eruption

  • No Summer/Nuclear Winter
  • Blocked Sun
  • Human Death
  • Sulfuric Rain
  • Poor Air Quality
  • Ash Everywhere!
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  • Safe indoor Shelter
  • Food and Water
  • Respiration
  • Battery Powered Devices

It would be hard to prepare for, due to the widespread devastation.

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What are the odds?

  • Some say the Yellowstone Volcano can blow anytime.
  • The Yellowstone Volcano is overdue to erupt.
  • Some scientists say that it won't erupt again.
  • Chance of eruption in the next 1,000 years is small
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