Edmond Doyle News 5-4-2017

It's hard to believe we only have 10 days of school left! (We never count the day we are on!) This has been a great year and we are very proud of your children and how well they have done. Thank you for sending us such amazing children to our school. The teachers and staff at Edmond Doyle love your children and they enjoy being able to work with them.

We have a whirlwind of activities going on now. We work hard at Edmond Doyle, but we play hard, too. Of course, all of our activities are designed to help your child learn new things!!

  • Enrollment forms-We need all forms turned in by Friday, May 5th. Even if you are not planning on being at our school, we still need a form. 4th graders going to Parker need to turn one in as well.
  • If you still want to buy a yearbook, they are $25.00.
  • PTO fundraiser will be here Friday, May 5th AFTER SCHOOL.
  • Permission slips for the zoo need to be turned in by Friday, May 5th. If we do not have a permission slip, your child cannot attend. Please do not send parent or guardian money for the zoo. All adults pay at the zoo. Sorry if that was not communicated clearly.
  • 3rd grade students will be going to Breaking the Mold on Friday, May 5th. They will eat lunch at Chadick Park.
  • 4th grade students will visit Parker on Monday, May 8th at 2:00.
  • William Gay kindergarten students will visit us on Wednesday, May 10th at 9:30.
  • Zoo trip for 1st-4th on Tuesday, May 9th.
  • 4th grade students will be going to the Art Spot on Friday, May 12th. They will eat lunch at Western Sizzlin. Thanks to Marty House for giving us a great deal and a HUGE thanks to Big V Feed for paying for our 4th graders to have this special treat. We always have special people to help us with make sure our students get what they need and more!!
  • Speaking of special people, thanks to our own Grandpa Captain James Garigin that has donated $1000.00 to help us take care of our students. He consistently helps us out. We are very grateful for his continual generosity.
  • Celebration Day on Monday, May 15th. We will eat a sack lunch and enjoy fun games set up by PTO. If you can help-contact the school and we can let PTO know you are interested. This will be a great day for our students!
  • Talent Show on Tuesday, May 16th starting at 8:30.
  • Award's Assembly on Wednesday, May 17th starting at 8:30.
  • Last Day of school on Thursday, May 18th.