This SUPER FUN incentive is coming to you from your AD's:

Kristy Pauly, Meredith Young, Kristen Fine, Sara Bedwell & me!

But, 1st play this song.......

It's Summer time but your business doesn't have to suffer!

This is such a fab Summer 90's song that pumps me up!! As we head into Summer, we all get busier! We are at bbq's, swim parties and vacations! The great thing about Summer is that we are around A LOT of people and that means expanding your business! We picked all of these Stella & Dot monogrammed items so they can be easy conversation starters while your out and about living your life!

Do you have your "blurb" when someone asks you what you do, what's Stella & Dot or that they simply compliment you? If you don't, work on it! Nothing crazy but you have to feel confidant! I am proud to be a Stella & Dot Stylist! It has brought more joy to my life and my families than I ever anticipated!

So, don't stop your business in the Summer! Sell on the go, at the bbq parties and of course our beloved trunkshows! This business only stops when YOU stop working! Don't stop..... Let's PUMP UP VOLUME in June!!!

Sell $500 before the 15th and your entered to win one of these awesome gifts!

For every Stylist you sponsor through June, 1 entry! Qualify them in June, another entry!!

Book and hold (4) $500 shows and each of YOU will get this monogrammed tumbler from me!

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We all believe in YOU!!!

Bet on YOU! Have that extra conversation! Ask everyone at your show to host! Do your 2242! Do a little everyday and they will turn into BIG things!!!