Who Am I?

by: Caitlin McMahon


Right now in life, I consider myself to be an active, high school student. I'd say that I like to be outdoors and do different things with my friends during my spare time. I think that while in school it is important to focus on school work, but also have time for relaxing and being social. Also, it is vital to make time for God and your religious life because you will not be able to get through the hardships you will face in life alone.

Plans/Goals for the Future

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Where do I see myself in 4-5 years?

In 4 to 5 years I plan on graduating college, potentially at LSU. My goal/dream since I have been a kid is to become a successful engineer that makes good money. Engineering has always been an interest of mine and even though it will be a hard journey to get through, I think that it will be worth it in the end. During that time I hope to get an internship at a company and then later on getting a full time job there so that I can support myself sufficiently
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Where Do I See Myself in 10 Years?

In ten years I see myself becoming a successful worker, whether it is in engineering or in whatever over field God guides me towards. I also see myself becoming a wife and future mother. I hope to be able to spend lots of time with them because family time is important in order to grow closer together and with God as well. It is vital that my husband share the same morals and views as me so that we can raise our kids in the image and likeness of God. I want him to come to church with me on Sundays and do things around our community to help those in need.

What is My Vocation in Life?

As mentioned above I think that my calling in life is to become a wife and raise a family with someone.
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It is important that my future spouse shares the same religious views as me so that for starters we can receive the sacrament of matrimony together. Also, when we start a family our kids will become baptized and evenly become confirmed. If we share the same views we will be able to teach them about the Eucharist and Reconciliation as well as the other sacraments not mentioned. These will help our children grow one step closer to God in their journey thoughout life.

Inspirational Quote :)

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