Independent Study Update

December 2018

Important Information. PLEASE read.

There are only 3 short weeks left in the semester. Please read through this entire newsletter so you are well informed regarding upcoming events, dates and deadlines for the fall semester and the upcoming spring semester.

The last day of the semester for SUHSD is Thursday, December 20th, 2018.

This means all semester one coursework must be completed before 12/20/18 in order to be included on fall semester transcripts.

Finals Week for Community College courses is December 11th through December 17th. Please make sure you know when and where your finals take place. Also, STUDY!!!

Students return to school after the winter break on Thursday, January 9th, 2019. District staff returns on January 7th, but we have professional development activities, so, our classroom will be closed.

Spring semester college classes begin on 1/14/19. Please click on the links below and print the information so you are aware of important information and dates regarding college classes. Also, print the SUHSD calendar if you need a copy. Note that spring break for college classes and SUHSD are not the same!!!

Important Information for Community College Classes

Important Dates for Community College Classes

SUHSD 2018-2019 Calendar

Upcoming Events and Important Dates

12/6/18 Classroom closed until 11:30. I have a meeting at Woodside High School

12/3-12/7 Smarter Balanced Practice Test -Grades 10 and 11 (most students are done, but, if you aren't, you need to come in this week and finish- you know who you are)

12/11-12/17 College Finals Week- Make sure you know when and where your finals take place!

12/18/18 Health and Wellness Coordinator Visit

12/21- 1/9 No ISP or district classes; Winter Break for SUHSD.

12/18- 1/13 College Winter Break

1/7-1/11 College Jams

1/9/2019 First day of Spring semester ISP and district classes

1/14/2019 First day of spring semester college classes

All students will need to select a new check in meeting day/time with me for the spring semester. Students can sign up for their new appointment time in our classroom. These new appointments will begin upon our return on January 9th, 2018.

SUHSD Health and Wellness Coordinator to Visit ISP

Javier Gutierrez, the SUHSD Health and Wellness Coordinator will visit our classroom on December 18th from 11:30-12:30. This will provide our students with an opportunity to share information about the benefits of ISP and to share their thoughts about how the district can better support students with emotional or physical health issues.

There is a sign up sheet in our classroom. It is my hope that as many students as possible will participate in this meeting. Your voice is important!!!

Fall Semester Grades and Transcripts

Independent Study grades are added to student transcripts as classes are completed. Once a grade is entered (by me), the district posts it to the transcript. Students can print a copy of their transcript through their Infinite Campus portal (home school and reports).

Fall semester college grades will become available on January 3rd, 2019. Students can view their grades by logging into their websmart account. I will add these grades to transcripts over the break. Please make sure all of your fees are paid in full, otherwise, I cannot access grades.

If you are taking a class at your home school this semester, grades should post before January 11th, 2019, and can be viewed through Infinite Campus.

Cañada College Jams

Jams are offered the week before college classes begin. Concurrently enrolled students who wish to better prepare for a Math, English, or Physics class can read more about this amazing program and sign up by clicking on the link provided below. It is free and well worth it!

College Textbooks

The SUHSD will pay for spring semester college textbooks! More information will be made available as soon as I have it. This is awesome!!

Apex classes and Google Classroom Assignments Over Break

Some students will need to work on Apex over the break. I will have limited availability because I will be traveling and spending time with family and friends. Students can text or email me for needed access or resets, but will have to be patient with my response.

Students absolutely have access to Google Classroom assignments and should plan to complete assignments if they are behind in a class.

Parents- Please check in with your son/daughter regarding completion of Apex and Google Classroom assignments. You can review the emailed assignment sheet, or, better yet, ask your son or daughter to show you their latest assignment sheet. The column to the far right shows hours earned or Apex units completed for all courses.

Holiday Wishes

I am so thankful for the families in Independent Study. I am blessed to spend my days with such incredible people. Every day, my students make me smile and interacting with them makes me feel hopeful for the future of our community, country and planet!

I wish all of you a wonderful winter break!

PLEASE know that while I appreciate the thoughtful gesture behind Christmas gifts I receive, I would much prefer that you make a donation to your favorite charity if you choose to do so. There are so many worthy causes in our community with greater need.