no makeup can mask an ugly heart

Can makeup really make you feel better about yourself?

Who am I?

Hello! My name is Ana Saenz, I am 15 years old! I go to a public high school in Kansas City, KS. I was born in Parral, Chihuahua MX and as a child my mother and my older brother and I came to the USA. Ever since I was a child I've had a passion for makeup. Now, as a teenager I've been starting to wonder if a certain amount of makeup can make someone feel better or good about themselves. Personally, I wear makeup and have the biggest obsession with makeup because it lets me explore without any borders, there isn't a stopping point you can be free to do what you want and I love that. This leads me to the question can makeup really make someone feel better about themselves. By doing some research I hope to figure this out.

Can makeup really make you feel better or good about yourself?

Personally wearing makeup does make me feel good about myself because the way I apply it. Im not so dramatic when I wear makeup but I still use my creative side when I use makeup. Like I told you before makeup is one of my greatest passion and i own alot of makeup then most of the 15 year olds I know. For the same reason when I am older i want my major to be in cosmetology, So I might aswell start young! I hope to gain from all the research I do is to learn how makeup helps and how it does what it does because you have to understand its not just makeup. You never know what it could mean to someone and I want to learn and understand how it can make someone feel better or good about themselves. Also I hope you learn and understand the same.
How Makeup Empowers You

From the Video Above

This video is very powerful, there could be a teenager somewhere in the world struggling with their image and think there's nothing they could do and there is. When you use makeup its what you want, not what other want. Who are they to judge you because you feel amazing in your makeup? It does make us women or teens feel better about ourselves.
What It's Like To Start Wearing Makeup
What It's Like To Stop Wearing Makeup

What I Learned From This Research

I learned that it's almost like a security blanket for some females or males and also its just something that people love and they've worn make up for so long that it's just like brushing your teeth everyday, Its something that you need to do. Then there's people that don't wear makeup and it would feel weird and awkward to wear if for the first time. Its a confidence boost for all women who wear makeup, its like for guys wearing those new pair of shoes and you go out and your like "dannggggg I feel great and nobody can stop me!" thats how us women feel. In the future I hope to take this information and not judge people based on what their appearance is.