Texting and Talking in a Workplace

by:Tyre Dennis

In the med center

*summary*I was trying to talk on the phone and my manager gave me three change to stop texting.Even my friend Malachi tryed to tell me to stop but i had to text my man cause we was talkin bout some important.So when she cought me the 3rd time i got fired.


1. what is the ethical dilemma?

Keep texting during work so i got fired

2. what are the facts of the situation.

I keep texting when i was ask to put my phone up

so i got got caught texting and got fired after she told me if she catch me again im fired.

3.what are the alternatives and the consequences

could have stop texting

could listing to my friend


i got fired

and now im broke

4. Determine a course of action (what decision to make?

Fired them.

5. Evaluate your decision(why do you think that that is the best decision to make?)

because that how i make my money.