Makayla Shannon

What the problem is

Not only are many animals dying from being tested on, but these sweet innocent animals are being tortured, facing neglect, losing limbs, living in their feces, having severe pain daily, and many more horrible conditions. How would you like to be locked up in a small wire cage living and breathing your own feces, facing a new form of abusive pain everyday. Every day you wake up you get a different needle injecting a harmful substance in you and being studied on, some days no food may be given to these animals. The suffering needs to stop.


There are many alternatives to animal testing. Not only will using the alternatives save many animals lives, but it will be more cost efficient and are even shown to be more accurate. Some alternatives are: computer modeling, human volunteers, human patient simulators, and more.

These pictures show how horrible & torturous animal testing is

What you can do to help

We are accepting donations from the public and new member to our interest group. You can call us with donations or any questions at 816-111-1111

You can also help us massively by spreading the word and convincing others to help us gain supporters to stop animal testing.

Our goals

Our main goal is to pass a law that makes animal testing illegal. This law will protect many animals lives and the testing will still be able to be done, just in an alternative way. Also another goal is to help spread the word to encourage labs to want to stop animal testing.